Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Grumpy Octopus

I pretty much based this on myself...


Yeah, its a geisha. Kinda


I did this on some sticker paper to put up somewhere in the studio and I decided I'd vector the lovely gentleman.

Up the Toxic Creek Without a Paddle

Some fine unemployed gentlemen enjoying the toxic heap of crap that is unemployment itself. This one is A1 and i pretty much made it up as i went along, I didn't even know what i was doing.

Shmoking Posterrr

Found this quote on the good old interwebz and decided I would do a mini poster featuring it. This is pretty much the outcome. It's just a piece of A2 mount board with Posca pen

Get gnarly mannn

A shave every now and again really couldn't go a miss could it? I did a few colour versions on this but got fed up after being in the studio for about 12 hours that day. I'll probably re-visit this.

You have something on your chest dude!

This is Cleveland, he often has a fair bit of trouble keeping his vast chest hairs under control.

Think im Turnin Japanesa!

My good friend Keef was off on his jollies to Tokyo a few weeks ago, the lucky sod!
Before he went he asked me to crack him some shoes out, obviously i never pass up a shoe chance specially when the shoes in question are a nice pair of authentics! He wanted a slightly Japanese theme so I just got straight on with it, hardly planned this at all, because it was near impossible to see pencil on the shoes as Keef decided he would wear them for a bit before i got hold of them, mucky bugger.

Good Evening!

Well kids comrades I seem to have got a little bit bored of the old blog! I think its due to the fact I've found myself cringing at some of the work i have put on there, so I've decided a change of scenery a new start was in order, rather than deleting everything off the old one. I'm still going use the other when I come to developing my creative talents after this year is out. I'll use it for research and the what not I reckon.

So yeah gonna be a fair bit of stuff I've been doing lately uploaded over the next few days, so take a look for Christ's sake man!